10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad

  • Fast charge with 10 Watts of power
  • Will charge all Qi enabled devices
  • 6ft cable included
  • Wall adapter included
  • Lifetime warranty






MODEL / SKU 04089

A tech-fueled life requires lots of power.

The Just Wireless Qi-certified wireless charging pad with wall (AC) charger Included will charge your Qi-compatible Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Android devices.

Delivering 10 Watts of ultra-fast charging power. Its mini and compact flat surface design makes this the perfect accessory for providing the fastest charging solution for your devices wirelessly at home, in the office, or hotel room.

Universally compatible with all Qi-enabled Apple and Android devices.

Also included is a wall (AC) charger so there is no need to purchase anything separately in order to charge your device.


Ask a Question
  • What is Qi? I have an apple phone but I don’t know what a QI is.

    Thank you for contactive Just Wireless, Qi Wireless charging is the technology inside the phone and the charging pads that allows them to charge wirelessly. Please confirm with the manufacturer of your phone to see if your phone is Qi Enabled and capable of charging wirelessly.

  • Can this be used with an iPad?

    Thank you for your interest in a Just Wireless product. Our Qi Wireless charger will charge any Qi Enabled device. The iPad's are not Qi Wireless charging enabled so it will not work.

  • Why does the light blink blue then green ? Phone on surface and no case.

    The blue light is blinking because it is not charging any device, which phone model are you trying to charge ?  please check your device to make sure it is Qi wireless charging enabled.

  • how does it work

    After your have plugged the power cable inside the device and the outlet in the wall, simply place your device on the surface of the Qi Wireless charges and it will start charging your device. please let us know if there is anything you would like assistance with. Also be advised you have a life time warranty on your product. Contact us at Customersupport@justwirelessintl.com to start your process.

  • why is blue light blinking

    The blue light is blinking because the device is not charging anything, please make sure the phone is placed properly and does not have a bulky protective case. Please be advised you have a life time warranty on your product. Contact us at Customersupport@justwirelessintl.com to start your process!

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