What is Power Delivery (PD)?

Power Delivery (PD) is a technology that allows your fast-charging enabled device to receive more power than with a standard 5-Watt charger during the same amount of time.

Simply put, in 30 minutes you could charge your battery up to 50% instead of 20% with a conventional charger.

How does it work?

Power Delivery compatible devices, chargers and cables are designed to handle increased levels of power without damaging or overheating devices.

USB-PD chargers detect the connected device and negotiate the highest amount of power that can be sent, allowing your device to receive its maximum energy capacity and charge faster. The PD power negotiation allows the same charger to power devices that range from smartphones to laptops and displays.

What do I need?

Power Delivery only works when all your devices and accessories are PD compatible and connected properly, with this in mind you need:

A Power Delivery Charger
(USB-C® Output)

A Power Delivery compatible cable
(USB-C® or USB-C to Lightning®)

A Fast-charging enable device
(iPhone® X or newer / Galaxy® S9 or newer)

How fast is Power Delivery?

The table below shows the time it takes to charge popular devices using a Power Delivery charger versus a standard 5W charger.

Device50% Charge (PD)50% Charge (5W)100% Charge (PD)100% Charge (5W)
iPhone 11 Pro25 MINS1 HR 14 MINS1 HRS 46 MINS2 HRS 53 MINS
iPhone 11 Pro Max27 MINS1 HR 32 MINS1 HRS 56 MINS3 HRS 02 MINS
iPhone 1132 MINS1 HR 20 MINS1 HR 50 MINS2 HRS 59 MINS
iPhone XS26 MINS1 HR 08 MINS1 HR 46 MINS2 HRS 46 MINS
iPhone XS Max28 MINS1 HR 36 MINS1 HR 52 MINS3 HRS 10 MINS
iPhone X26 MINS1 HR 12 MINS1 HR 45 MINS2 HRS 48 MINS
iPhone XR32 MINS1 HR 23 MINS1 HR 49 MINS3 HRS